Sassy Drunk

And Ambiguously Gay

My name is Adrian and I'm a 22-year old trans guy from Florida. Hobbies include drawing badly, roleplaying, writing novels that I never finish, and crying.

Things I like: X-Men, Mass Effect, Dune, various books, Metal Gear Solid, World of Darkness, Spider-Man, and generally a lot of shit related to Marvel comics.



I found this scrolling down my newsfeed. My friend and his girlfriend who have been going out for about two years got matching piercings on their ring fingers.

What’s Awful: It was done unprofessionally in someone’s home, it looks like they used curved barbells for a surface piercing, and they are pouring alcohol onto it. It also looks extremely shallow.

How it can be fixed: Take them out and go to a professional to get them done.

This reminds me of the time when I was sixteen and gauged STRATCHED my own ears to 16 so I could wear these rad earrings I got. And I did so using a thumbtack, the earring itself, and a lot of patience and rubbing alcohol applied to the holes every few hours out of sheer paranoia. I thought I was so cool.


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